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At WMN Unite our mission is to help support women by providing educational programs centered on health, wellness, professional development and sustainability. Our purpose is to empower women and to help provide opportunities and access to information through our site, contests, and outreach.

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Health at Hand

Come join our health community, for Health at Hand!  Let’s go for a hike, get in the flow with yoga stretches 
and learn how to mix herbs for women’s health remedies.

Immerse in nature, feel the energy through movement, and connect with the power of plants!

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Creative Lab Presents: Mala Craft

Join us for our Creative Lab and Unleash your creativity in a Mala bracelet crafting session. Discover the significance of Mala beads and how they can aid in meditation and mindfulness. Pick from a variety of gemstones, each with its energy and symbolism. After that, we will infuse our creations with intention, positive energy, and personal meaning. Let your imagination come to life in a physical and wearable reminder of your inner peace. Network with fellow crafters and create community! Drinks are included and purchase treats at Mimi’s!

Nicole Sturomski


Nicole Sturomski is the Founder of WMN unite, a Howard graduate, and a health expert with over 20 years of professional experience in martial arts, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness. Nicole has worked with hundreds of clients and students in need of improving their health. She has a degree in engineering; a foundation for success when designing programs and formulating unique solutions for her clients. She advocates for women, health and sustainability for the planet.

Patsy Reynolds


Patsy Reynolds is the Co-Founder of WMN Unite, and has over 5 years of website coding experience. She has spent many years volunteering her time to work with the elderly in nursing homes. She has a drive to help make the world a better place for all those that reside in it. With the aim of joining WMN Unite to help women reach their fullest potential.


Yvonne Henriquez


Yvonne is a small business owner from New York, and graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration.  She has experience managing multiple businesses, outstanding custom service including working with the nonprofit Women’s Enterprise Development Center.  She is passionate about education and development and has expanded the capability of WMN Unite.

Amanda Von Ziegler

Chief Administrative Officer

Amanda Von Ziegler has over a decade of working with small teams – creating structures of organization, communication and innovation. Amanda had planned on becoming a social worker, but after struggling in university due to her chronic migraines, she has decided to focus on creating a career of helping others understand the importance of human connection.

Serena Norr

Program and Events Director

Serena Norr is a theater artist, playwright, writer, and digital director and works with hospitality clients.  She is the founder of Let’s Make a Play, a playmaking community for dreamers, creatives, the curious, and seekers who believe in community, collaboration, and telling stories from different perspectives to awaken and inspire.  Serena is also the founder of The Weekend Jaunts where she loves to share her travel picks and adventures with her kids.

Gina Fuschetto

Creative Director & Strategist

Gina Fuschetto is a jack(ie) of all creative trades, with a spiritual twist, joining the team with over a decade in branding & content marketing at Gina Fuschetto Creative Studio. She brings to the table, her unique experience as a professional psychic, guiding people into deeper connection with their higher self, through energetic services & workshops at Mind’s Eye Mystic. She’s channeling her experience as an intuitive creator to help global brands, business owners & entrepreneurs share their mission & magic with the world, across print, digital & experience platforms.

Katy Winter

Board Member

Katy is a small-business owner, home organizer and mom of three. She received her degree in Fashion Marketing at the University of Texas in Austin and landed her first job in NYC in the fashion industry. She paused her career, moved to the suburbs to run her business and her family. Her goal is to help streamline her clients’ homes and simplify their lives. She believes in a practical and minimalistic approach. Katy practices mediation and yoga and is inspired and motivated to help her clients enjoy a more organized life.

Mika Hale

Board Member

Mika Hale is a celebrated performer and musician who touches the souls of audiences at venues of all sizes with her deep connection to music. Mika has been performing since a child and has graced stages large and small, from Harvard University to New York’s Lincoln Center, to the famous Kennedy Center for the Arts. She continues to strive to reach greater depths of her art through internal searching, as well as expanding her deep musical and historical knowledge. With more than 20 years of professional singing experience, Mika’s success proves the power of the mind and the heart to achieve anything.

Kleidy Villela

Board Member

Kleidy Villela is an Entrepreneur and Yoga Instructor; with a small Guatemalan crafts business. Honesty, respect, hard work and loyalty was something her grandparents modeled and became an important part of who she is.  Her daughter was born with special needs and has taught her how to be present, enjoy life and to be happy every single day. She is able to connect her family and business and be a role model.

Tamara Silberman

Board Member

Tamara Silberman has a background in food, and has taught across Westchester and New York City, and has written and published a book. She teaches Hebrew school and previously worked as a librarian. She has distributed food to Mount Kisco residents at a local food pantry and has catered Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties – experiences that have highlighted food inequalities.

Valencia Elliott

Event Host

Valencia Elliott has lived in this community with her son for more than 27 years.  She has overcome domestic violence and has a desire to help other women.  She has worked more than 18 years in the health food industry and has done some companion care work for seniors.  Graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and Compute Applications. Her passion is helping women overcome mental health issues and to learn about energy healing, health and wellness, and sharing her story.  She is very grateful to be of service in the WMN Unite organization.

Margo Hirsch

Senior Advisor

Margo Hirsch is an attorney with admissions to the Bars in New York and New Jersey where she represents children and youth in family court. Prior to her work in the courts, she served as Executive Director of the Coalition for Homeless Youth, a consortium of organizations and individuals working on behalf of runaway, homeless and street involved youth and their families. Margo began her career as a youth worker over 40 years ago as a counselor in a shelter for abused and/or neglected teenage girls, many of whom had histories of sexual abuse. She has continued as an advocate for young people throughout her career.

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